Matt Damon says on-screen kiss with Emily Blunt was ``very awkward’

London: Matt Damon has revealed that his seven-second on- screen kiss with Emily Blunt was “very, very, very, very uncomfortable”.

The pair star alongside each other in the upcoming action thriller, The Adjustment Bureau, and were promoting the film on a TV show, reports a newspaper.

Matt, 40, told the host: “By the time we shot that scene, it was really one of the last things we shot and we were really great friends and our spouses were really great friends and it was very, very, very, awkward.”

“John Toll, the great cinematographer and also a friend of ours, he was shooting the film and he was equally uncomfortable,” he continued.

“He was saying ‘Guys it`s only seven seconds, can you just give me seven seconds?’’

The American actor and British actress, who are now close friends, even took their partners for a double date in Hollywood earlier this week.