Max Greenfield to star in `Hello My Name Is Doris`

PTI| Updated: Apr 26, 2014, 08:54 AM IST

Los Angeles: Actor Max Greenfield has confirmed that he will star in writer-director Michael Showalter`s new comedy `Hello My Name Is Doris`.

The 33-year-old `New Girl` actor revealed that the movie will centre on his character beginning a romance with a much older woman, reportedly.

"It`s a story about Doris, this character, she`s an older woman," Greenfield said. "Her mother passes away and she`s then forced to kind of find a new life in the city, and she meets this younger guy and thinks that he`s the answer."

Greenfield added that the screenplay is "very funny", and also disclosed that the female lead has yet to be cast. The actor earned a Golden Globe nomination this year for playing womaniser Schmidt in `New Girl`, and also recently reprised his role as Leo D`Amato in the `Veronica Mars` movie.

`Hello My Name Is Doris` writer-director Showalter was a cast member of the influential sketch comedy group The State. He previously directed the 2005 feature film `The Baxter`, which also saw him star opposite Elizabeth Banks and Michelle Williams in the quirky romantic comedy.

Showalter teamed up with fellow former State member David Wain to write Greenfield`s upcoming comedy `They Came Together` as well.