McGregor rules out patch up with Danny Boyle after ‘The Beach’ betrayal

Washington: Ewan McGregor has turned down any possibility of a patch up with filmmaker Danny Boyle because he still feels hurt when he remembers how he was axed from ‘The Beach’ and replaced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The pair shared a close bond since 1996 movie ‘Trainspotting’, but the feud started when Boyle handed the lead role of the movie to DiCaprio instead of Boyle, even after an earlier promise.

Though MCGregor was all praise for Boyle’s 2009 movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, which sparked speculation that the actor and the director might have healed their rift, now the Scottish star yet again insisted that he is yet to speak to the moviemaker.

“You just don’t treat your friends like that. They absolutely made me think that I was playing the character in The Beach and we talked about (filming) dates and moving dates and so on, and all the while they were keeping me there just in case Leonardo pulled out - which is really nasty,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling the Times magazine.

“And then afterwards, I just didn’t hear from Danny for years. When he told me, he was very conflicted and he was very upset, and I spent a lot of time making him feel better and saying, ‘No, it’s alright, I understand’.

And when I went home, I thought ‘F**k!That doesn’t feel very nice.’ And my wife was furious.

“I phoned up the producer Andrew (MACdonald), who I felt was part of the team. And I said, ‘Andrew, I’ve just had lunch with Danny and I don’t understand.

I didn’t think that’s really what we were about. I thought we were about something else. I really thought we stood for something.’ And he went, ‘Come on, it was gonna happen sooner or later’. And then I never heard from them for years,” he added.


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