Meet the laziest, grumpiest and rudest `Star Wars` character ever

London: `Star Wars` makers have created a new character, which they claim is the laziest, grumpiest and rudest from the franchise.

The robot named Chopper is going to be featuring in the upcoming animated series, ` Star Wars Rebels.`

The new character is based on original drawings of R2-D2 , and is an essential crew member of the Ghost, tasked with keeping the starship in full working order for its band of heroes.

Chopper has been described as lazy, cranky and disobedient like a teenager on wheels.

Art Director Kilian Plunkett said that Chopper is extremely belligerent, very rude and does things only if they suit him.

He said that the biggest difference between Chopper and R2 is they former cares if people like him, whereas Chopper doesn`t care at all.

Plunkett said that ultimately Chopper means well but it`s just hard to tell.