Megan Fox sexes up ‘Passion Play’ as topless angel

London: It has emerged that Megan Fox is the latest celebrity to go topless after she appeared only in tiny white shorts and high heels with large wings sprouting from her back for her new film ‘Passion Play’.

The actress, who plays sideshow attraction ‘Lily the Bird woman’ in the movie, showed off her perfectly toned and curvy body, as she spread her wings, reports the Daily Mail.

The angelic nude scene was the highlight of the movie as the former ‘Transformer’ actress heated up the sensuality of her role.
She was seen modestly covering her breasts with her hands in stills released from the movie.

However despite the nudity scene, the film did not get a cinema release and is going straight to DVD after a series of poor reviews.

The film has been described as awful, a mess and an absolute car wreck.

Even the star’s co-star Micley Rourke had criticized the film.

“It’s so bad. In your career and all the movies you make, you’re going to make dozens of terrible ones,” he said.


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