Meryl Streep often forgets her lines

London: Actress Meryl Streep believes young actors are often intimidated by her until she forgets her lines while delivering a dialogue.

The 62-year-old said her younger co-stars soon relax when they realise she is just as prone to making mistakes as anyone else, reported Daily Mail.

"I do feel that thing when a young actor comes in. I feel an obstruction. It`s an invisible thing that pulsates in the room. You have to puncture it and get rid of it before you can start working.

"Usually the first time I forget my lines, which happens a lot lately, everybody relaxes. Everybody goes, `Oh, she`s not so great," Streep said.

The `Iron Lady` star also said she feels sorry for younger actresses as the roles available to them are not as interesting as the ones she gets offered.

"From `The Devil Wears Prada` to `Mamma Mia!`, it`s been a pretty wide variety of things. Maybe that`s because they don`t know what to do with me.

"It`s really fun. I feel sorry for the young girls because those parts are cookie-cutter. One after another, indistinguishable."


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