Michael Caine, Samuel L Jackson in `Harry and The Butler`

Los Angeles: Michael Caine, who memorably played the role of a butler in Christopher Nolan`s Batman franchise, is all set to reprise the butler role again but in a different movie.

Caine will play a down-on-his-luck butler in `Harry and The Butler` with Samuel L Jackson in director George C Wolfe`s film.
Philippe Rivier of Spirit Films and Colin Callender of Playground Entertainment are producing the dramedy, said the Hollywood Reporter.

The story is about a derelict roller-coaster mechanic mechanic and one-time jazz virtuoso, who lives in a train caboose.

When he inherits a large sum of money, he drunkenly to hire a down-on-his-luck British butler, played by Caine.

Wolfe is set to start shooting on location in Louisiana in spring 2014 from a script by Damian F Slattery.

The film is loosely based on the 1962 Danish film `Harry og Kammertjeneren`.