Michael Keaton says new `Robocop` costume is `sissy suit`

Washington: Michael Keaton has revealed that the new ` Robocop` costume is a ``sissy suit`` in comparison with the cumbersome black rubber suit he wore while filming `Batman` in 1989.

The actor - who appears in the cyborg cop reboot as Raymond Sellers, CEO of the evil Omnicorp organisation - joked that the special effects armour Joel Kinnaman had to wear as the title character wasn`t a patch on the rubber suit he had to don to play Batman in 1989.

He said that the sissy suit had air conditioning in it, adding that he couldn`t do any of that while in the Batman suit because he couldn`t get up to go the bathroom.

He told Fox news that when he wore the costume, he started having panic attacks.

While costume design has come on since the 80s, Kinnaman said that his 45lb suit was still difficult to wield, and took almost two hours to put on each day.