Michael Shannon surprised by superman role

London: Hollywood actor Michael Shannon was shocked when `Man of Steel` director Zack Snyder offered him the role of super-villain General Zod in the new Superman film.

The 37-year-old Oscar-nominated actor says meeting with director Snyder was one of the most surreal experiences of his life, as he couldn`t understand how the role was just plonked in his lap, reported Contactmusic.

"It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life because I was against this panoramic window, looking out on these beautiful hills, rose bushes and hummingbirds while Zack was saying, `And then, on Krypton, this happens`," he said.

"By the end, I was kind of confused. I was like, `Is this an offer or not?` We shook hands and he said he wanted me as Zod. I was thinking, `There`s something wrong here. This is one of the largest films around. I`m not Robert De Niro - I don`t understand why this is being plonked on my lap`," he added.

Although the director was keen to cast Shannon in the movie, the actor had to take part in a chemistry test with leading man Henry Cavill, who is playing Superman, which made him wonder whether the pair were expected to make out.

"Warner Bros said they needed to see me and Henry together first. They called it a `Chemistry Test`. I was like, `What, do Zod and Superman make out? You want to see if any sparks fly?" Shannon said.


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