Michelle Williams speaks about playing Marilyn Monroe in new movie

London: ‘Brokeback Mountain’ star Michelle Williams has spoken out about her role as late actress Marilyn Monroe in a new movie.

Williams, 30, is portraying the iconic blonde in ‘My Week With Marilyn’, which has just completed filming at Pinewood Studios.

“I feel like we live together,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

She explained that she has immersed herself so deeply in interpreting Monroe that her judgment had become a little cloudy.

“At a certain point, something else does take over. I don’t quite feel myself these days,” she stated.

‘My Week With Marilyn’ focuses on the relationship that developed between Colin Clark, a handsome Old Etonian and Oxford graduate who worked as a general dogsbody on set, and Monroe.

Williams admitted that initially she was terrified of taking on Monroe, so her first answer to director Simon Curtis and producer David Parfitt had been a “no”.

“But I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist, eventually. Physically and vocally, everything about her is different from me,” she added.