Moneyball died on the vine, says Brad Pitt

Washington: Brad Pitt, whose latest movie ‘Moneyball’ is up for multiple Academy Awards, has revealed that he had to struggle a lot to make his dream project a reality. Pitt plays Billy Beane, in the true story of the general manager of the Oakland A’s - a maverick who turned baseball on its head by building a team relying not on star power, but on statistics instead, a news channel has reported.

“Our production was like, you know, the red-headed stepchild on the lot,” Pitt said.

“This movie died on the vine, or almost died on the vine several times. Actually DID die, and we had to resuscitate it!”

The baseball film is based on the bestseller by Michael Lewis.

“The book deals with, you know, economics, stats, saber metrics . . . nail-biting stuff in the movie theater!” exclaimed Pitt.

The 48-year-old asserted that the movie is a lot more than baseball. It’s about redefining success.

“This idea of value, what we are worth, what are we worth to ourselves, how do we place value on others. The value of that, our Billy Beane in the film finds, is a very quiet victory. It’s his own personal value,” he added.


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