Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine set for a face-off in new flick

Updated: May 27, 2013, 16:17 PM IST

New Delhi: Legendary actors Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, who were last seen together in `The Dark Knight` will be sharing screen space in heist thriller `Now You See Me’.

While in the Batman movie, the actors never came together in a scene, as they will be seen facing off against each other.

The filmmakers were looking for two high-profile leading men to play the juicy and crucial supporting roles of magic skeptic Thaddeus Bradley and shady industrialist Arthur Tressler.

But they really hit the jackpot when they found legendary actors like Morgan and Caine to play Thaddeus and Arthur.

Freeman, who found the script intriguing, said about the movie, "the story covers completely new ground. But there are more ingredients to the film than just the script."

The 75-year-old star said that the movie has an incredible cast, everyone who he wanted to work with.

"And although Michael Caine and I worked on the Batman pictures together, this is the first time we`ve gone mano-a-mano," he added.