‘Narnia’ and ‘Potter’ dominate international Box Office

Los Angeles: ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ held on to the top spot at international theatres for another weekend with USD 24.5 million in 48 territories and a cumulative global total of USD 163.4 million.

In the No. 2 spot and boasting 51 territories, the highest of any film in the international top 20, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1’ impressively crossed the USD 800 million mark and earned USD 22 million in its fifth weekend of release.

‘Tron: Legacy’ made its international debut in third place with just over USD 20 million in 26 territories as it crossed the USD 70 million mark worldwide.

Outside of the top 10, ‘Due Date’ in its seventh weekend in the international marketplace proves that the comedy of Zach Galifianakis is funny pretty much anywhere in the world. The road film continues to play in 40 territories on its way to a USD 200 million global total.

Here are the top 20 movies at international theatres last weekend, followed by international gross for the weekend (excluding North America), number of theatre locations, number of territories, worldwide gross to date (including North America), and number of weeks in release as compiled Wednesday by global media measurement company Rentrak Corp. and provided by Hollywood.com:

1. ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,’ USD 28,483,911, 9,393 locations, 48 territories, USD 163,390,348, three weeks.

2. ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I,’ USD 22,037,129, 8,448 locations, 51 territories, USD 811,226,442, five weeks.

3. ‘Tron: Legacy,’ USD 20,039,092, 5,571 locations, 26 territories, USD 71,063,849, one week.

4. ‘Tangled,’ USD 13,634,791, 6,371 locations, 21 territories, USD 226,087,872, four weeks.

5. ‘Megamind,’ USD 13,275,967, 4,726 locations, 38 territories, USD 234,787,342, eight weeks.

6. ‘The Tourist,’ USD 11,094,161, 4,736 locations, 15 territories, USD 54,415,206, two weeks.

7. ‘Yolki,’ USD 6,802,672, 581 locations, one territory, USD 6,802,672, one week.

8. ‘Kamen Rider,’ USD 4,411,883, locations NA, one territory, USD 4,411,883, one week.

9. ‘Natale in Sudafrica,’ USD 4,307,124, locations NA, one territory, USD 4,307,125, one week.

10. ‘La Banda Dei Babbi Natale,’ USD 3,433,414, locations NA, one territory, USD 3,433,415, one week.

11. ‘Due Date,’ USD 2,964,977, 2,547 locations, 40 territories, USD 190,674,434, seven weeks.

12. ‘Space Battleship Yamato,’ USD 2,807,797, locations NA, one territory, USD 27,214,812, three weeks.

13. ‘Burlesque,’ USD 2,364,286, 2,195 locations, eight territories, USD 38,332,026, four weeks.

14. ‘Around the World in 50 Years,’ USD 1,991,383, 682 locations, 13 territories, USD 44,261,904, eight weeks.

15. ‘Klovn: the Movie,’ USD 1,911,838, 126 locations, one territory, USD 2,356,141, one week.

16. ‘Love and Other Drugs,’ USD 1,902,848, 1,093 locations, one territory, USD 30,772,903, four weeks.

17. ‘Un Balcon Sur La Mer,’ USD 1,849,794, 311 locations, two territories, USD 2,397,881, one week.

18. ‘New Kids Turbo!,’ USD 1,831,161, 108 locations, two territories, USD 4,839,136, two weeks.

19. ‘Jjae Jjae Han Romance,’ USD 1,697,100, locations NA, one territory, USD 10,926,636, three weeks.

20. ‘Av Mevsimi,’ USD 1,564,227, 467 locations, one territory, USD 9,159,288, three weeks.

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