New film depicts Sarah Palin as ‘merciless-vindictive’ woman

London: Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has been depicted as a woman with enormous charm, but also one with merciless vindictiveness in a new documentary about her.

Director Nick Broomfield’s ‘Sarah Palin: You Betcha!’ which is being shown at the Toronto International Film Festival, offers a glimpse of the former vice-presidential candidate from interviews with family, including her parents, former friends, supporters and long-time enemies.

Palin appears as a woman known for ruthlessly firing people and holding spiteful grudges, leaving many Alaskans worried to talk about her for fear of reprisals, whether from her or her supporters.

“I think that beneath the charisma, which she undoubtedly has, and her ability to engage with people, which she undoubtedly can do, there was a sense of fear about her vindictiveness,” Sky News quoted Broomfield as saying.

“That she would go to the ends of the earth once you became an enemy to vilify you. Not to just fire you from a job but make you unemployable anywhere,” he stated.


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