No more stunts for Sylvester Stallone

London: Action star Sylvester Stallone, who is returning to the big screen after a gap of two years with `The Expendables` is a disappointed man as he has been asked to stop doing his own stunts.

Stallone, who directs and stars in movie was injured while shooting a scene and was advised by doctors to stop doing the stunts and fight scenes himself, a news website reported.

"Me doing those [stunt] scenes helps the other guys in the movie. They want to top me so they push even harder. I know I shouldn`t be doing this stuff at my age... It comes with a really serious price," Stallone said.

"I couldn`t do this again. This is it, there`s nothing left. I have had four operations since the film. The doctor says that if I hurt my neck again, that`s it - paralysis or worse. I don`t want to hear that but it`s a fact," he added.

But the 63-year-old actor is disappointed by the prospects of this advice.

"I guess I`ve got to get some lookalikes, but I don`t like doing that. What made all the Rockys special is that, in 32 years, I never used a double," Stallone said.



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