Noel Clarke calls Ian Somerhalder a pretty boy

London: English actor-director Noel Clarke was shocked by `Vampire Diaries` star Ian Somerhalder`s enthusiasm for action scenes in `The Anomaly` as he thought he was too much of a pretty boy.

Clarke is also starring in the film besides taking on helming duties, reported Contactmusic.

"People weren`t expecting him to be physical because he`s quite a pretty boy, but he was a dude and got in there and did all the fight scenes. He was great," he said.

The 38-year-old star also revealed he was inspired by JJ Abrams to do more filmmaking.

"JJ is a very inspirational guy. He leads from the front and has a positive energy on set. When you have someone like that at the top, it filters on down through the crew," he added.