Not 1 frame was changed in Titanic 3-D, says James Cameron

Washington: James Cameron, who is considered to be a perfectionist movie maker, has revealed that while he discovered a few minor mistakes in his original ‘Titanic’, he hasn’t changed one frame in his re-mastered 3-D version.

Cameron worked with 300 computer artists, who spent 750,000 man hours giving one of his most iconic films a third dimension. It was a process he called “horrific” and “mind-numbing”.

“There was a moment when I thought fleetingly I could correct the film and actually have it match what Titanic really looked like,” the Daily Mail quoted his as saying in a n exclusive interview with ‘Nightline’.

“Another part of my mind said, no, then you’re going be a nutter standing on the street corner babbling away,” he said.

Movie stars Kate Winslet, Billy Zane and others dazzled on the red carpet in London today for the world premiere of ‘Titanic 3-D’, 15 years after the original film was released.

“It has to be done right.

“Didn``t change a frame. The ship still sinks. Jack still dies,” he said.

In the years since the 1997 romantic film became a mega-hit at the box office, ‘Titanic’ was the first movie to gross more than 1 billion dollars, Cameron dipped deeper into his obsession with the “unsinkable ship”.

The legendary director has dived to the wreck in the North Atlantic 33 times in a submersible, studying how the real thing compared to his film creation.

“We found places that the set was wrong, little bit, you know, this was wrong, that was wrong.

“There was glass missing from a door.

“I thought I’d thought about everything about Titanic,’ he added.