Opening scenes of `Maleficent` to be shot again

Los Angeles: The opening scene of Angelina Jolie starrer `Maleficent` will be re-done by the `The Blind Side` filmmaker John Lee Hancock.

The Disney movie is the depiction of Sleeping Beauty story from the perspective of villainous Maleficent, said the Hollywood Reporter.

The movie marks the directorial debut of Robert Stromberg and the makers insisted that certain opening scenes of the movie needed to be shot again.

"We asked (Hancock) to be on set. He`s not directing. He wrote pages and I hired a first-time director and it`s good to have him on set. The movie is gorgeous to look at and the last 75 minutes are really entertaining," Joe Roth, the producer of the movie said.

As for Jolie, it is most likely that she will not need to be present during the re-shoot.