Oscar is a fantasy for Abbie Cornish

Los Angeles :Actress Abbie Cornish, whose latest film "RoboCop" hits theatres Friday, is in awe of the Oscars since her childhood. She says the coveted award is now a fantasy for her.

She was recently asked about her Oscar dream, and the Australian actress couldn`t stop talking about it, said a statement.

She said: "Do you mean daydream or night time dream? No, it`s funny. When `Bright Star` came out (in 2009) there was talk about that, and then in a way, I think it was a
good experience for me.

"Obviously, as a child I used to sit there and watch the Oscars and it seemed like a far off distant planet, and I didn`t know I wanted to be an actor until I was fourteen, and so I used to watch the Oscars and just think, `Wow. This is such another
world. It`s so crazy and so amazing.`"

Things changed for her when she became an actor.

"You start working on films and you start working internationally of course, and then the Oscars become a different thing. They become things that your co-workers have on their shelf, and events that your co-workers are going to or getting dresses for and so it becomes much closer to home.

"It becomes, for lack of a better word, normal, and then I think back to `Bright Star`, there was mention that that could possibly be in the running for something and I think it was a nice experience because it grounds the whole thing, do you know what I mean? It sort of takes it out of the clouds and puts it on the ground.

"It`s like, well that`s what it is but someone coming to you and saying, `Oh you might get nominated for that performance,` you are like, `What do you mean? No!` (laughter) You look at these incredible people like Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett and Marion Cotillard and you can`t even imagine your name in with those names.

"It`s hard to explain. I guess what I am trying to say is that for me it is what it
is now, like it`s not a fantasy, and it`s not a dream. I don`t know if
anything like that will ever happen, it`s okay if it does, it`s okay
if it doesn`t, do you know what I mean?"