Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller to reunite for `Zoolander` sequel

New York: Hollywood funnymen Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller will reunite for a sequel to their cult comedy `Zoolander`.

The duo are excited about the next instalment of the 2001 hit, directed by Stiller himself, about a fashion model brainwashed into assassinating a head of state.

"I just saw him now and we`re talking about doing another Zoolander movie. I think so. I think there`s a really good script and I think we`re going to do it," said Wilson.

In October, the actor had speculated on the sequel, including on his character, Hansel.

"The thing about Hansel is he can`t ever imagine himself, so even if he isn`t the number one guy, I think he still carries himself as if he`s the big star. He`ll still
have that Hansel swagger," he said.

Ben Stiller had earlier announced that he is planning a series of `Zoolander` cartoon web shorts and said that they could lead to a TV show or film.