Owen Wilson `froze` during first shoot with De Niro

London: Actor Owen Wilson was tongue-tied when he had to shoot alongside Robert De Niro for "Meet The Parents". He says he even fumbled his lines due to nervousness.

The comedian admits he made a fool of himself on the set of the 2000 comedy thanks to De Niro`s powerful presence, reports contactmusic.com.

"I have a strong memory of the first time I was in the scene with De Niro. I`m taking (the family) to my house, and showing this like great big house I have and I turn to talk about the house...I see De Niro`s face. It was the whole cast, but I just kind of froze up when I saw De Niro, and Ben (Stiller) started laughing cause he could see what was happening," said Wilson.

"None of my lines came out - it was just gibberish. I was like - I had to steel myself for the next takes and (tell myself), ‘You`ve gotta get it together or you`ll get fired!`"

However, gradually he has overcome the feeling to resume his role alongside Stiller and De Niro in the second sequel in the franchise, "Little Fockers".