Pattinson, Witherspoon’s chemistry on ‘Water for Elephants’ set ‘magic’

Washington: Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon share a ‘magical’ chemistry on the set of their upcoming film ‘Water for Elephants’, says a source.

A source close to the film explained that the chemistry between the two actors so far is ‘magic’, reports the

"Rob worked with Reese seven years ago on ``Vanity Fair.`` He had a tiny part and he joked with Reese that of course she didn’t remember him from their time together then, They joke a lot and Rob has her blushing and laughing all the time. He’s very charming," said the source.

“He went on about how she is this beautiful, super-famous Academy Award winner, and Reese loved it. She was flattered and giggling while he teased. It’s cute and it makes for a great movie set. Everyone is excited because they fit so well together," the source concluded.