Peter Jackson gifts Spielberg props for World War I movie

Washington: Peter Jackson gifted Steven Spielberg boxes full of World War I memorabilia and relics, for the director’s film ‘War Horse’.

The Hollywood heavyweights put their power and creativity together to bring to life ‘The Adventures of Tintin’.

“Peter Jackson is a great hobbyist - World War I paraphernalia and memorabilia, and actual material from the first world war,” Fox News quoted Spielberg as saying.

“He’s got, canons, guns uniforms and vehicles, and just because we are such good buddies and made ‘Tintin’ together, as a gift he sent boxes and boxes of props to use in ‘War Horse,” he said.

‘War Horse’ is based on a children’s novel set during the First World War and a stage play of the same name.

The story chronicles the trials and tribulations of a young soldier who serves on both sides (England and Germany) before finding himself alone in no man’s land.


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