Pierce Brosnan doesn`t miss Bond role

Updated: Jun 15, 2010, 13:17 PM IST

London: Pierce Brosnan does not miss playing James Bond and has no desire to return to the character in the future.

The 56-year-old actor, who appeared as the iconic British spy in `GoldenEye`, `Tomorrow Never Dies`, `The World Is Not Enough` and `Die Another Day`, before being replaced by Daniel Craig insists he loves the projects he is currently involved with and wouldn`t want to return to the action franchise, Contactmusic reported.

"I enjoyed my time as Bond, but I don`t miss him. I don`t have any desire to do Bond again. I love who I am as an actor right now," Brosnan said.

The star admitted he may not have the physical capabilities to star in the movies anymore anyway.

"I`m aware of my lack of stamina, particularly working with a young cast on `Remember Me` with Robert Pattinson, the latest heart-throb. Things do rattle and shake at times, but that`s the challenge of life anyway," Brosnan said.

The actor has previously admitted he doesn`t think he "nailed" playing the iconic spy as well as he could have because he couldn`t stop relating with other actors who have played 007 before.

The actor, who took over the role from Timothy Dalton, said, "It was one of those things I always struggled with. I never felt that I really nailed it. There was always a hint of Sean Connery and Roger Moore that was so indelible in my own mind."