Pinto ‘was born to play’ oracle priestess in ‘Immortals’

Dubai: Freida Pinto, who believes in letting oneself loose when it comes to imagination, has revealed that she felt she was born to play the role of ‘Phaedra’ in her new flick ‘Immortals’.

Pinto believes that as an actor, you live to be in a fantasy world, backed by lot of imagination and that is what she did when she donned the role of the oracle priestess in the movie.

“As an actor, that’s what you live for. You live to be in an imaginary world,” the Gulf News quoted her as saying.

“If you’re going to be playing yourself day in and day out it tends to get very boring after a while. When you’re a kid and you read or you watch TV there’s a lot of imagination that comes into play.”

“It’s the same thing with acting. It’s going back into childhood to a time when your imagination had no barrier. You could just let yourself loose. So when I was asked to play the oracle priestess I felt like I was born to do that,” she added.


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