Re-released `Avatar` to showcase sexy extra scenes

New York: The re-released ‘Avatar’ will be more saucier as it returns to the big screen for a limited run— it is going to woo the audiences with yet another cinematic breakthrough: Na`vi sex.

Director James Cameron has added nine minutes of footage to his blockbuster, some of which extends the love scene between hero Jake Sully`s avatar and Neytiri, his 9-foot-tall blue lover.

The film—a 2.7 billion dollar box-office bonanza—will show the couple mingle their anemone-like braids in alien union beneath the sacred Tree of Souls.

"The tendrils move with a life of their own, straining to be joined," the New York Post quoted a leaked page of the script as describes the scene.

"JAKE rocks with the direct contact between his nervous system and hers. The ultimate intimacy,” it added.

Despite the conjugal nature of the scene, Cameron has said that the film`s PG-13 rating was never in jeopardy.

"We do see a little bit more between Jake and Neytiri on their night of romance, though it`s absolutely nothing that changes the rating. To be honest, there wasn`t much more to show -- we`re pretty much putting in every frame, and it`s only an additional 20 seconds,” said Cameron.

The new cut of the movie will be even longer when it arrives on DVD during the holiday season.

Cameron is adding another seven minutes of goodies that film geeks will treasure as if it`s unobtainium.

"It`s for those that don`t mind a movie that`s pushed to 257 minutes. That`s getting up into `Titanic` territory, so it`s strictly for hyperfans," he said with a grin.