Review: Angelina Jolie’s ‘Salt’ leaves you asking for more

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With Angelina Jolie known as the top kick-butt actress, there is no reason for not watching ‘Salt’, for the film can be termed as one of her finest acts till date. Directed by Philip Noyce, the film is a story of Evelyn Salt (played By Angelina Jolie).

A CIA agent Salt finds her loyalty questioned when Russian defector (played by Daniel Olbrychski) claims that she is one of hundreds of Russian spies let loose in the US, to strike at the right time.

Suspicious of her true identity, the CIA and Salt’s colleagues have little choice than to question the double agent tag alleged on her. As reported, the CIA is haunted by the secret revelation that Salt is supposedly on a mission to kill the visiting Russian vice-president and the president of the United States.

Now even though Salt has her boss on her side, the compelling evidence forged against her by the Russian defector has him join the chase along with co-agent (Ejiofor). Out to prove her innocence, Salt decides to prove her loyalty. But there is a twist, there is not one but series of evidences that question Salt’s true identity. As a result, the viewers are left bewildered as they sit through to find whether she is a Russian spy or a CIA agent.

The direction is superb and the storyline is tight. So for all you action lovers, this one offers the adreline in plenty. What’s remarkable is Jolie’s ease in tough action scenes. Not for one minute does one feel that the role that was originally offered to Tom Cruise has lost its relevance with the change in gender of the lead star. Agent Salt is seen doing everything from jumping on speeding trucks to filching bikes to landing on cars without getting so much as a scratch.

So for performances, there is little besides Jolie to talk about. This one completely belongs to her. However, even though the film is gripping, it can be only termed as a one time watch. And yes like most action thrillers, this one too ends with the promise of a sequel.

Rating: 3 cheers!


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