Review: Ashton Kutcher gravely disappoints in ‘Spread’

Spicezee Bureau

If there is one way to describe Ashton Kutcher’s latest flick ‘Spread’ it would be appropriate to call it more of a soft porn than a romantic comedy. Filled with nude scenes and suggestive sexual acts, the film is gravely low on subject and plotline.

Centered on Kutcher, who is the lead actor and producer of this no-brainer, the film follows and highlights the sexual exploits and achievements of Nikki (Kutcher) whose sole aim is to bed rich women and live off their expense.

Getting to the storyline, the film follows Kutcher who plays Nikki, a heartless sex obsessed guy who left the Midwest for L.A. with nothing but the flannel shirt and a dream to make out with petite but rich girls. Thanks to his chiseled body and flirtatious ways he succeeds in realizing his dreams.

And for no matter how much the actor tries to be taken seriously, he fails to impress at any level as half the time it’s his naked body that the camera focuses on. The script rides largely on his nudity, which makes us wish that Ashton stick to his usual rom-com flicks.

Director David Mackenzie has done little than to add a few new shots to an age-old formula. Nevertheless, the film picks up pace with Nikki’s latest conquest Samantha (Anne Heche). Putting his flirtatious ways to best use he lures Samantha who is loaded and looking for a secure relationship as she turns 40.

However, the womanizer he is, Nikki’s rendezvous with Samantha is cut short when on returning home she finds him in bed with another woman. But as destiny would have it Nikki’s life is turned around when he falls in love with a waitress, Heather (Margarita Levieva). But he receives a rude shock when he finds that Heather is playing the same game he is. She too is living large at the expense of the wealthy men. So whether she falls for him or not is for you to see.

Rating: In all one cheer for this one!


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