Review: Ben Affleck’s ‘The Town’ is a racy thriller

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Ben Affleck’s second directorial outing ‘The Town’ is a nerve wrecking, adrenaline pumping fast paced thriller that will surely keep you absorbed with its gripping storyline.

Starring Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall, ‘The Town’ a crime drama which is set in a rough neighbourhood of Boston, where bank robberies are the order of the day and more heists take place than anywhere else in the USA.

Apart from his directorial and storytelling skills, Affleck also amazes you with his riveting acting skills as a leader of a small band of trigger happy crooks who have a knack of pulling off a series of heists. However, everything goes fine till the gang’s latest robbery gets skewed and as a result, they take its beautiful bank manager (Rebecca Hall) hostage, but later set her free, without a scratch.

While the robbers are planning their next move, far away an FBI agent (Jon Hamm) is plotting to apprehend them as soon as possible. As a racy thriller, ‘The Town’ has several twists and turns including a nascent fling between the hostage and her former conqueror apart from the tried and tested formula of cop vs. criminals – a staple diet of numerous Hollywood flicks.

Besides being a slick thriller, ‘The Town’ unravels the conflicting emotions of its lead protagonists who react to the newfound developments in their life.

When it comes to characterisation, ‘The Town’ holds true to life and portrays the town of Boston in full splendour. Check out Jeremy Renner of ‘The Hurt Locker’ fame as a trigger-happy criminal and Blake Lively as a drug addict mom. If you are looking for some action, ‘The Town’ is your pick this week.

Review: Thee cheers for this one!

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