Review: Brand fails to charm the audiences with ‘Arthur’

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Hollywood has a voracious appetite for remakes and sequels. English comedian Russell Brand’s ‘Arthur’ is a remake of Steve Gordon’s 1981 super hit comedy by the same name. Sadly, unlike the original, Brand’s antics aren’t that good and it is likely to appeal to the sensibilities of modern day theatre goers.

Unlike the original, director Jason Winer makes couple of changes in the flick, to add some twist and turn to the film. Thus, Brand is Arthur Bach – the latest party boy, a drunken, debauched, billionaire man-child, living in care of his nanny Lillian Hobson (Helen Mirren).

However, despite Mirren’s presence, Brand’s ‘Arthur’ lacks the heart and has little to offer – Rich boy meets poor girl and they fall in love, boy’s tyrannical mother asks her son to choose the girl of her choice or lead a poor life, rich boy sticks to true love, leading life of a pauper.

Inadvertently, ‘Arthur’ has many overly sentimental moments and gags missing the element of a hearty laugh. Check out Brand dressing himself as Batman and his chauffeur as Robin, tearing up Manhattan`s streets in their own Batmobile, or doling out cash from an ATM to complete strangers, declaring the recession over!

As Arthur`s fiancée Susan Johnson, Jennifer Garner is the worst thing to have ever happened to ‘Arthur’ remake. Garner is presented as greedy executive, handling the billion dollar trust run by Arthur’s family.

As Naomi, the poor NY tour guide, with whom Arthur falls in love, Greta Gerwig comes across as a sweet girl.

Overall, Brand’s ‘Arthur’ is mediocre flick that lacks the flashes of brilliance.

Ratings: Two cheers for this one!

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