Review: Clooney’s ‘The American’ fails to fascinate

Spicezee Bureau

Anton Corbijn’s ‘The American’ stars handsome hunk George Clooney as Jack, an American assassin who wants to renounce his profession but stays for a last assignment, which is to supply a high powered gun to Mathilde, played by gorgeous Thekla Reuten, who lives in Italy.

Sensing that his life is under threat, Jack (played by Clooney) tries to evade his enemies and takes refuge in a small Italian village, building the weapon for his woman client. In the village he befriends a priest (Paolo Bonacelli) who teaches him lessons on morality. Meanwhile, the death dealer, Jack falls in love with beautiful prostitute Clara (Violante Placido).

The opening of the movie is grand and attracts attention but towards the end it turns into an action drama where our protagonist kills his rivals. The first half of the movie is good but the second half is weak and it’s all owing to the poor script that is implemented even worse.

The cinematographer Martin Ruhe captures Italy at its best. Shots of the Alps, Virgin valleys, Pristine towns are sure to take your breath away.

But director Anton Corbijn gravely disappoints. And compared to his last film ‘Control’, which was a brilliant piece of work with a very powerful screenplay, this one lacks zeal. However, George Clooney gives another scintillating performance as a hit man in this one.

So, ‘The American’ is a good film to watch for interesting music and spell-bounding visuals but it definitely can’t be counted among the best works of Corbijn.

Well, three cheers to this one.

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