Review: ‘Daybreakers’ is just another vampire film

Spicezee Bureau

After Stephanie Meyers’ ‘Twilight’ series became a rage, a host of vampire movies made their way into the celluloid. ‘Daybreakers’ falls in the same category. Set in 2019, the second movie from sibling writer-directors Peter and Michael Spierig appears to be another in a seemingly endless series of aren`t-we-clever resurrections of the vampire genre.

‘Daybreakers’ begins with the portrayal of everyday life like ours - but only the politicians, workers, and inhabitants have pointed teeth and a thirst for blood.

The Earth has been plagued by a worldwide vampiric outbreak. Hawke stars as Edward Dalton, a bloodsucker who doesn`t want to feed on humans, the noble, reluctant vampire sort that`s becoming a stereotype.

Dalton`s a researcher for a vampire corporation racing to develop a substitute for human blood, which is running out because of all the hungry night creatures running around.

He falls in with a pack of humans that has found a way to change vampires back to friendly mortals. The gang`s led by Claudia Karvan and Willem Dafoe, who has a real taste for vampire gigs, having starred in ‘Shadow of the Vampire’ and appeared in last fall`s ‘Cirque du Freak: The Vampire`s Assistant.’

The story pits Dalton against his evil boss (Sam Neill), who likes the rapacious vampire lifestyle and wants to maintain the status quo of this ultimate consumer culture.

The faded look of the film is good but we have seen a better colour palette in ‘The Matrix.’ The film looks dated without great performances or great presentation. The background score is average and some of the scenes of bloodshed and brief nudity are over-the-top. Watch at your own risk

Rating: Two cheers

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