Review: ‘Drive’ is a gripping good catch this weekend!

Zeenews Bureau

‘Drive’ is a power packed action film that comes to the theatre near you this Friday. The film stars Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling in the lead role as the driver. Director Nicholas Winding Refn, who first made a mark with his much talked about film ‘Bronson’ in 2009 has again made it big with this one.

‘Drive’ is a film based on the driver played by Gosling who has an outstanding ability to make driving look like an art form. The things which this guy does with a car are truly unbelievable. He spends the majority of his time working at a garage under the tutelage of Shannon (played by Bryan Cranston), who is also is also his partner.

Now this driver lends his services to robberies to make some extra cash, which is where Shannon comes in. He makes money and practices his passion of driving at the same time. One day he meets a married woman with two children, whose husband is in the prison, Irene (played by Carey Mulligan).

He starts to spend a lot of time with her and eventually fall in love with her right when her husband is about to be released from the prison.

Now that is when things start to turn messy and driver’s life starts going topsy-turvy!

Quick paced action flick with an angle of love and romance makes it an interesting catch. Ryan Gosling fans are bound to fall in love with him once again as he has looked absolutely amazing.

Rating: Four stars for this one!