Review: Dwayne Johnson dishes out all-revved up action in ‘Faster’

Spicezee Bureau

After playing a variety of roles, right from the Scorpion King in ‘The Scorpion King’ till Derek Thompson/Tooth Fairy in ‘Tooth Fairy’, former WWE star Dwayne Jonson aka ‘The Rock’ is back to the business of slamming and gunning down villains on the silver screen.

With ‘Faster’, Johnson shows that he is natural when it comes to all-revved up action and adrenaline rushing stunts. In ‘Faster’, Johnson character is of an angry man who seethes with hell’s fury. When released from a ten year prison sentence, our hero spills out his bottled-up anger and wrecks havoc in the life of his enemies. In ‘Faster’, Johnson is gunning for vengeance.

‘Faster’ stars Johnson as ‘Driver’, Billy Bob Thornton as ‘Cop’ and Oliver Jackson-Cohen as the ‘Killer.’ With Driver just out of prison, the first thing he does is to shoot a man in broad daylight.

From here onwards, the film goes in a flashback mode where we get to known that what all happened in Driver’s past that landed him in jail. As the story unfolds, we see that after joining his brother`s crew for a bank heist as the driver, the team is trapped by another, who kills everyone. Miraculously, Driver is the lone survivor who now longs for revenge.

However, Driver’s job is not quite easy as he is being followed by Billy Bob Thornton`s cops along with the Killer, a handsome and affluent British hit man which adds a lot of zing to the story.

Apparently, Johnson is the center of attention. As a man of few words, Johnson lives by the laws of gun. Ultimately, he begins to doubt his path of violence, which certainly takes us to the enlightenment of the protagonist.

‘Faster’ is custom made cinema for Dwayne Johnson for comedy, romance and drama do not suit our macho hero who is known for his sinewy body and bulging muscles.

If you are looking for some high, catch ‘Faster’ this weekend.

Ratings: Two cheers for this one!