Review: Eisenberg can’t save ‘30 Minutes or Less’

Zeenews Bureau

When you have Jesse Eisenberg (of ‘The Social Network’ fame) and Ruben Fleischer (director of ‘Zombieland’) together in a film, you expect the film to be fantastic. But unfortunately, despite having an interesting plot, ‘30 Minutes or Less’ fails to impress.

The plot is a racy one. Two criminals kidnap a pizza delivery guy (Jesse Eisenberg) strap a bomb around his chest and give him ten hours to rob a bank or end up dead.

Even though the story takes a predictable path eventually, performances by lead actors make the film watchable. As the local pizza delivery boy, Eisenberg gives a laudable performance, who is compelled to rob a bank. Asian actors Aziz Ansari and Dilshad Vadsaria put up the funny act with great aplomb and make the film an interesting watch.

Go and watch this film only if you are a fan of crazy bank heists juxtaposed with humour, wild car chases and gangster encounters. Don’t expect it to leave an impact, because it doesn’t.

RatingsTwo cheers for this one!

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