Review: ‘Green Lantern’ leaves you high and dry

Spicezee Bureau

Getting inspired is one thing but translating it into films can be a tough cookie. Sadly, Ryan Reynolds starrer ‘Green Lantern’ falls prey to skewed cinematic adaptation. With all those high octane computer generated graphics, the movie is nothing but a cocktail of lame acting skills and special effects.

Yes, Ryan Reynolds, with all his chiseled body and skintight green suit cannot save the film at Box Office. Despite giving credit to four screenwriters, Hal Jordan’s (Ryan Reynolds) character is hardly fleshed out in ‘Green Lantern’. And yes, Blake Lively hardly gets to act, for she is just one of the embellishments of the film.

In this DC Comics inspired flick, Hal is a rash test pilot, who is bequeathed with a magical ring when a spaceship crash lands one day. A reluctant Hal is pushed into becoming a superhero as the alien inside the spaceship is one of the member of intergalactic peacekeeping force aka Green Lantern Corps.

In order to become superhero, Hal must learn how to control his new-found power. The ring has mythical superpowers, which allows its wearer to create whatever his mind envisions. Yet, the stuff Hall creates is quite lame, which underlines the foolish mythology of Green Lantern.

However, Hal has to get his act right to stop the evil forces of Parallax. Will he be able to defeat the forces of evil? Watch the film to know more!

Ratings: Two cheers for this one!

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