Review: ‘Happy Feet Part 2’, Penguins are here to entertain you!

Zeenews Bureau

The little waggling, twisting, cute and stuffy big bottom penguins are back right here to entertain you. The sequel to the super hit animation ‘Happy Feet’ hit theaters today.

This part is however not just about Mumble (penguin lead in part one) but it is also about his son Erik. Just like Mumble even he is different; the little penguin has an utmost desire to fly!

Down in the dumps after realizing he has two left feet, Erik and his two siblings decide to run away with an alien (adélie) penguin, Ramon (Robin Williams), to his colony. Mumble manages to track them down and together they set off on the journey back home. However, on their return they find out that a towering iceberg has trapped the majority of the emperor population and it’s left up to Mumble and his kids to save them.

What follows is a jukebox-musical soundtrack as the emperor and adélie penguins sing their beaks off to Queen and Pink while trying to figure out the rescue strategy.

If you were awed by the stunning and almost psychedelic animation of Happy Feet, then be assured the landscapes of Antarctica won’t disappoint you in this sequel. So make sure you go and cherish the amazing experience of tap dancing penguins once again this weekend!

Ratings: Four cheers for this one!

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