Review: ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ is an average affair

Spicezee Bureau

For all those guys who simply loved the ‘Hangover’, ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ might just appeal to you. Based on male bonding, the film reminds one of ‘Hangover’ but is not quite as edgy and spontaneous as ‘Hangover’. Even though the film is based on an interesting concept, the lackadaisical acting and poor dialogues make it a time-pass watch.

As for the story line, here it goes:

The film follows the life of three guys who are bored, middle-aged and tired of living their monotonous lives. Looking to add some zing to their lives, the trio takes a nostalgic trip to their favourite holiday spot during their youth, now a shabby ski-resort, and takes a dip in the hot tub in their hotel. The tub, as it turns out, is a time machine that sends them back to the wild lifestyle of 1980s. The film goes on to show whether they are able to rewrite the past so that they don`t end up as losers in the present?

So, no doubt that the film has an intriguing theme but the lack of spontaneity and dud dialogues make this one a yawner. Nevertheless, there are moments that are wild and have some guys-will-be-guys gags that keeps the laughter flowing.

As for the plot, John Cusack and Craig Robinson are struggling through their daily lives. Yet, when they find out that their friend Rob Corddry attempted suicide (though we later come to know that he didn’t ), they decide to give their troubles a go-by and take their depressed friend on a vacation to the ski town where they find the love they had been longing.

It’s here on the vacation that when their room’s malfunctioning hot tub doubles up as a time machine, they find themselves in the midst of people and situations from the past and try and change the course of events to their advantage.

Now it remains to be seen whether they can turn the course of their future.

Rating: In all, 2 cheers for this one!

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