Review: ‘Immortal’ is below expectation!

Zeenews Bureau

Enki Bilal’s ‘Immortal’ that hits the theatres today is not only engrossing and entertaining but at times also gets frustrating. The film is based on two novels and the concept revolves around future New York.

It has characters that are the futuristic NY City inhabitants and a character representing god himself.

Jill (Linda Hardy), the lead character in the film is a woman who is not completely human and she is guided by a figure towards a destiny she wants but can`t remember.

Nikopol (Thomas Kretschmann)is another lead character, who is a humanitarian, serving time in an aerial prison, who finds himself minus a leg and possessed by a god in short order.

Horus (Thomas M. Pollard), the third important character in the film has seven days to procreate before being killed by the other Egyptian gods inside the pyramid.

With Bilal guiding these characters, you can guess the potential of the film easily to be a genius job.

But unfortunately, that`s not quite what you get.

However despite the drawbacks ‘Immortal’ does not let down the audience entirely, it is thrilling and entertaining. The special effects are neither that great nor the story has been that engagingly sketched, but for a quick catch this weekend you can still be assured you won’t mind spending that ticket money!

Rating: Three cheers for this one!

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