Review: ‘Knight and Day’ a must watch!

Spicezee Bureau

One of the most awaited couples Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz make a comeback after years in Knight and Day. And what an awe-striking comeback it has been. The couple, that was last seen in ‘Vanilla Sky’, have once again left the audience yearning for more with their sizzling chemistry and mind-boggling action sequences in this director James Mangold’s rollercoaster.

For starters, the film is nothing short of an adventurous thrilling ride. Right from the first sequence to the climax, the movie is filled with oddball instances that keep you at the edge of your seat. As per the storyline, the movie has June (played by Cameron Diaz), who is callous and carefree.

The one thing she desperately wants to do right is attend her sister’s wedding and be on time for the dress rehearsals. But as fate would have it, June boards the wrong flight to Boston which also happens to have CIA operative Roy Miller (played by Tom Cruise) on board.

Here on begins their wild journey that takes them to some of the most romantic locales of the world. But romance isn’t all this one promises, there are endless car chase sequences, gun shots firings and cheesy acts. However, the two superstars pull off all the stunts with élan.

As for the chemistry, the two leave you craving for more. While Tom plays the perfect Knight, Diaz makes up for the damsel who is always attracting trouble and in constant need to be rescued - a job Tom thoroughly enjoys.

So while the plotline might offer nothing new, the screenplay is definitely worth a watch.
The film is a sure shot entertainer and has comic, romantic and death defying sequences in plenty. An over the top adrenalin rush guaranteed, this one is worth it’s weight.

Rating: 3 cheers for ‘Knight and Day’.