Review: Leonardo and Nolan weave magic with ‘Inception’

Spicezee Bureau

Leonardo Di Caprio has yet another winner on his hands. By delivering one of the finest performances of his career so far in his latest flick ‘Inception’, the actor has once again proved his acting finesse.

Directed by Christopher Nolan of ‘Dark Knight’ and ‘Memento’ fame, the flick is a must watch and the best of all the vampire, robots and mushy love stories you might watch this summer.

Intriguing, dark, hard-hitting and thought-provoking, the film is bound to leave a long lasting impression on your mind. And it’s not Leo alone who deserves applaud, but also director Christopher Nolan, who provides as mix of Dark Knight’s enormity with a ‘Memento’ like impact.

However, if you are in for a fun-packed, easy on the mind flick, then don’t opt for this one, for like ‘Memento’, you might have to watch this one too back and forth to get the real grip.

As for the storyline, here it goes:

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of a Dom Cobb, a futuristic thief who specialises in rifling through people`s brains while they dream. Though this is not a job without risks, his new assignment is about to raise the stakes.

Things take a dangerous and an exciting turn when businessman Ken Watanabe asks Dom to steal the thoughts of a competitor Cillian Murphy. Unaware of the web of deceit and danger he is getting into, Dom travels deeper into the memory of Murphy’s subconscious, which poses extreme danger for everyone involved.

However, haunted since his wife’s death, Dom looks at the missions at his best chance to get some peace and over the grief of his wife’s death.

Nevertheless, what follows is an intense overdose of action, emotions and psychological dreamscape. An intelligent film made perfectly except for the action sequences that could have had been more gutsy, Nolan has yet again delivered a hit. So go out and watch this one as it’s worth every penny.

Rating: 4 cheers for this one!