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Review: Music is the actual hero of ‘Rock of Ages’

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‘Rock of Ages’ is a fair depiction of the bygone era of the 80s where guitars and pop culture ruled the roost. The era which saw the rise of some epic artists, was also the time when psychedelia in music gained prominence. Director Adam Shankman has all the ingredients of a blockbuster musical-stellar cast, some fun numbers and an interesting plot, but somehow, ‘Rock of Ages’ fails to make that required impact that a musical makes on cine goers.

In the story, Sherrie Christian (Julianne Hough) arrives in Los Angeles from Oklahoma with a song in her heart and a note from her dear ol` granny. Soon she falls for Drew (Diego Boneta), the barkeep at the famous nightclub of the town ‘Bourbon Room’, who nurtures dreams deeper than his dimpled cheeks. The wannabe stars sing duets to each other in Tower Records and Drew gets Sherrie a job at the club. Owned by Dennis Dipree (Baldwin in a grungy look) and his aide Lonny (Russell Brand), the ‘Bourbon Room’ faces financial crisis and threat from a malicious political campaign led by Mayor Mike Whitmore (Cranston) and his wife Patricia (Catherine Zeta Jones).
To save the downfall of ‘Bourbon Room’ only one person seems to be the sole hope and he is Drew’s idol, living legend, superstar and unfortunately, the ‘most unreliable man in the music industry’ Stacey Jaxx (Tom Cruise) who also happens to be wicked Patricia’s exclusive target.
Although the film has a weak plot but an impressive star cast makes the film worth a watch. The spotlight in the movie is hogged by its music that features songs by Twisted Sister, Whitesnake, Night Ranger, Journey among other 80s mavericks.
As the obnoxious but hilarious rock star Tom Cruise shines! Zeta Jones’ bloodthirsty character is wicked and makes the viewer cringe. Boneta and Hough share a good chemistry but it is Baldwin and Brand who shine with their delightful portrayal as pub owners desperate to save their club.

Watch it if you love musicals or if you are a Tom Cruise fan. He doesn’t disappoint.

Ratings: Two cheers for this one!

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