Review: ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ fails to impress!

Zeenews Bureau

‘Paranormal Activity 3’ is yet another prequel to the horror franchise that was established in 2007. This prequel takes the audience all the way to Katie’s childhood, back in the year 1988.

The film has been shot in the same way as the other two, in the raw video footage format. The documentary style capturing of supernatural events around the house of Katie and her sister Kristie immensely fail to chill the spin.

The story of this prequel revolves around Katie and Kristie’s childhood where they have their first encounters with the ghost that haunts their house. They have the predictable supernatural experiences, where the wind blows hard into the room with windows shaking, a whiff of air comes and blows the hair up, the sheets go up in the air and ‘whose there’, ‘what’s that’ kind of reactions are expressed.

The two sisters in their growing years were haunted by a ghost. Who happens to be Kristie’s imaginary friend, Kristie often talked to him and felt his presence in the house.

Their mother’s boyfriend Dennis once noticed a shape outlined in the dust of a video taken during an earthquake, upon this he gets suspicious of some unnatural presence. And he rigs the house with cameras and starts to record the things that go on in the house.

After the success and appreciation of ‘Paranormal Activity 1’, it is shameful that both the prequels have failed to impress the audience. This one is no different and once again turns out to be the predictable story.

Rating: One cheer for this one!

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