Review: `Piranha 3D` is a ridiculous gore-fest

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A Dimensions Films release, `Piranha 3D` is a B grade horror flick that thrives on loads of skin show and gore-fest. Much like the ‘Snakes on a Plane’, `Piranha 3D` knows how to score brownie points and that too in a 3D format.

`Piranha 3D` knows where to draw the line for it refrains from becoming a parody in the name of horror cinema. The film makes sure that it makes the best use of its star cast - Elisabeth Shue is a convincing Sheriff and so does Ving Rhames and Jerry O`Connell as deputies.

Christopher Lloyd is best as the crazy fish expert and then there is Eli Roth and Richard Dreyfuss, who make a complete list of characters. Besides this, ‘Piranha 3D’ capitalises on gore and French director Alexandre Aja makes sure that he uses enough creativity to get his characters killed by the monstrous piranha.

Aja, who is known for his horror films like ‘High Tension’ and a Wes Craven remake of ‘The Hills Have Eyes’, ‘Piranha 3D’ has an uncanny sense of fun about the mayhem. Besides this, partying is the main theme of the film as it is based on a spring break at Lake Victoria, Ariz, where young ones get drunk and horny. However, the partying teens are unaware of the unknown swimming in the water. Apparently, there are thousands of them – the piranhas have ferocious eyes and razor-sharp teeth.

With a seismic shift beneath the lake creating a rift that unleashes these prehistoric piranhas, they are hungry and what better than warm blood and fresh meat.

Much like the classic horror flicks, the victims get picked off one by one even as Sheriff Julie Forester (Elisabeth Shue) and Deputy Fallon (Ving Rhames) calls in the scientific experts to solve the mystery behind the brutal deaths.

Well, containing the fishes is as difficult as the task of stopping the crazy partygoers from visiting the lake. When not chased by deadly piranhas, the film showcases plenty of graphic nudity and girl-on-girl action apart from violence, gore and drug use.

Though the picture was shot in 2D format and then converted to a third dimension, it looks far better than M Night Shyamalan`s ‘The Last Airbender.’

Overall, Aja makes a decent use of 3D technology – complete with its gimmicky. Well, there is a moral to `Piranha 3D` – it says that don’t go near the lake if you are not sober. Lol!

Ratings: Two stars for this one!

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