Review: ‘Shrek Forever After’ is a must watch flick

Spicezee Bureau

‘Shrek Forever After’ is one movie that kids would love to watch this weekend. A 3D animation flick, Mike Mitchell’s ‘Shrek Forever After’ is the fourth and final instalment of the ‘Shrek’ franchise, based on the book ‘Shrek’, by William Steig.

‘Shrek Forever After’ has voiceovers from A-list Hollywood stars- Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Walt Dohm and Antonio Banderas. If the previous ‘Shrek’ movies showed how an ogre – Shrek, and a cursed princess, Fiona, fall in love and face all the obstacles in life, ‘Shrek Forever After’ is a prequel of sorts, as it charts the entire life of Shrek, from the day he was born, to getting married to Fiona and finally having three lovely kids.

The movie opens with the life of a domesticated Shrek, who has lost all the verve and feels burdened under the yoke of conjugal bliss. Shrek yearns for his carefree days, when he could wander with absolute freedom. However, Finding Shrek in the biggest predicament of his life, Rumpelstiltskin (Walt Dohrn), an evil magician takes advantage of poor ogre’s troubles and tricks him into signing a pact, which expunges the very day Shrek was born.

Realising what all he has lost by his reckless decision, Shrek is entrusted to save the land of Far Far Away from the evil machinations of Rumpelstiltskin, court Fiona and get back to his family.

Talking of screenplay and narration, ‘Shrek Forever Away’ has little to offer as there is little progression in terms of storyline while comparing the previous instalments of ‘Shrek.’ The movie is high on drama rather than humour. Nevertheless, ‘Shrek Forever Away’ is successful in striking a chord with its audiences by connecting on a humanitarian level. With perfect choice of Hollywood actors for voiceovers, great sound and powerful 3D effects make ‘Shrek Forver Away’ an incredible experience.

In all, ‘Shrek Forever Away’ is a delightful children’s film.

Ratings: Three cheers for this one!