Review: ‘Skyline’ is a must for all science fiction lovers

Spicezee Bureau

If you are a sci-fi junkie, you will definitely fall in love with ‘Skyline’. Directed and produced by the Brothers Strause, ‘Skyline’ stars Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, David Zayas and Donald Faison.

Based on alien invasion, ‘Skyline’ traces the life of a group of friends - Jarrod (Balfour), Elaine (Thompson) and Terry (Faison), who after a wild night of partying are distracted by a beam of incandescent blue light in the sky. However, little they realise that whosoever looks directly at the light gets sucked into it, courtesy an extra terrestrial attack that threatens to swallow the entire human race.

The movie uses amazing 3D special effects which add amazing depth to the scenes, thereby enhancing realism of the film. Watch out for large spaceships that descend on earth as human being fights for survival. In order to escape the unknown, frantic escape plans are made where scores of people get killed. ‘Skyline’ paints a grim picture of a desolation and destruction.

Given the fact that ‘Skyline’ is produced and directed by Colin and Greg Strause, who have earlier worked on special effects in films like ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and ‘Terminator 3’, the film will definitely remind you of scores of Hollywood flicks based on alien attacks.

A word on acting - even as author backed role goes to the aliens in ‘Skyline’, Balfour and Faison have done a great job. Over all, ‘Skyline’ is a treat for sci-fi lover.

Ratings: Two cheers for this one!

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