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Review: ‘The Back-Up Plan’ is gravely disappointing

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Don’t rely on ‘The Back-Up Plan’ if you are short of movie choice this week. From a poorly written script, atypical dialogues to a disappointing cast, the film doesn’t appeal on any front. And even though the story idea has potential, the film has several shortcomings.

For beginners, the storyline goes as follows. Zoe (Jennifer Lopez), a single woman in New York, is tired of dating men and waiting for `the` one for her. Instead, she takes her life to the next level on her own by getting herself artificially inseminated.

Ironically, she meets the man of her dreams - Stan (Alex O`Loughlin), the very day she does it. Considering that she has just met Stan she is in a fix as she can neither tell, nor hide this big secret. And when she does tell him, Stan freaks out. However, being the lead actor, he comes around. Then onwards, it is a road of discovery for the new couple - discovering each other and a life of pregnancy.

Nevertheless, this is not the happy ending as Zoe`s past experiences with failed relationships drives the two apart. The film is bracketed as a `romantic comedy`. Sadly, that is the biggest flaw of the film - it being marketed as a rom-com. Yes there are moments of romance and a few other that raise a genuine chuckle, but the mood of the film is not of a rom-com. Hence, audiences going to see one, or to adore the anatomy of a pop-diva, will be disappointed.

Jennifer Lopez gives audiences another reason to hate her personal back-up plan - acting. She should have stuck to music, or should have spent more time sweating in some acting school than she does in the gym trying to maintain her figure.

The rest of the cast leave nothing to rave about. The only actor you perhaps cheer for in the film is a paraplegic dog who steals the show with his cuteness and becomes a metaphor for Zoe`s troubled emotional life.

The writers obviously don`t know much about sub-plots as even the ones that exist have been badly handled. The charming antics of a few other characters seem out of place due to lack of attention on them and too much attention on Jennifer Lopez.

Rating: One cheer for this one!

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