Review: ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’

Spicezee Bureau

The third franchise of the Narnia story makes audiences glued to their seats as it has dumfounding special effects and captivating make-belief fairytale folklore. The film holds the viewers with great interest even if they aren’t aware of the Narnia Chronicles book and even if they haven’t watched its sequels. The 3D effect makes it even more appealing with dragon fires and swords hitting the movie goers on their faces.

The Pevensie siblings, Lucy and Edmund join Prince Caspian once again in his adventures in the fantasy land of Narnia. This time around, they are accompanied by their cousin Eustace, who is a reluctant explorer on the mystical ship, the Dawn Treader. At the end, it is he who emerges a true hero. He is shown fighting the sea serpents and the wicked creatures

Eustace’s strange friendship with Reepicheep is enormously inviting. Aslan and the mean White Witch were missing in action but considering the fact that the brother-sister duo is fast growing and may not have access to the mesmerising world of Narnia in due course is something that can be forgiven. After all, there is very little of fantasy left in this mundane empty world.

Rating: Four Cheers for this visual treat!