Review: ‘The Descent 2’ is an average horror sequel

Spicezee Bureau

New York: As compared to the ‘The Descent’, which was a cult-classic and a globally successful film, ‘The Descent 2’ looks average. Otherwise, the flick has its moments which are praiseworthy. Director Jon Harris’ is laudable at times for bringing in more monsters and chills, although the quality and the treatment of the flick is a far cry from the original.

The star cast, which includes Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Jackson Mendoza, Krysten Cummings and Alex Reid, is a mixed group of cops and survivors from the original film.

The film begins with Sarah Carter, survivor of the first horror set-up, who goes deep down into the cavernous void. The cave is shocking with vicious crawlers. Accidentally, the rescue team gets separated and flesh-eating gorgers attack them.

One by one the cops and survivors get picked off until it’s a matter of making survival choices for the remaining. Amidst this the varied themes of friendship, betrayal, vengeance, sacrifice and ethics are explored.

The film lacks in storyline and there’s not much character development to speak about. ‘The Descent 2’ is entirely plot driven and very predictable. Some of the scary sequences take you by surprise and do send a chill down your spine. Sam McCurdy’s camerawork is noteworthy.

The light and shadow play in the film is of first rate but the film nowhere stands up to its predecessor.

Rating: Two cheers

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