Review: ‘The Hole’ is quite a slapdash horror flick

Spicezee Bureau

With the world hooked on to the cricketing fever, there’s hardly any decent film releasing this weekend. That being said, ‘The Hole’ miserably fails to give you goosebumps in name of horror flick.

Starring Chris Massoglia, Nathan Gamble, Haley Bennett and Teri Polo, Joe Dante’s ‘The Hole’ is a 3D film, which revolves around two brothers – Dane (Chris Massoglia) and Lucas (Nathan Gamble), who move to a new house with their mother (Tero Polo) and discover a hole in the basement. One fine day, when their mother is away, Dane and Lucas open the hole and find strange things coming out of the abyss. In this racy thriller, Dane and Lucas are accompanied by their sweet and sexy neighbour Julia (Haley Bennett).

‘The Hole’, which promises high drama, mystery and suspense fails to live up to the image of horror cinema for it lacks scare tactics. Okay, the hole is one big unending tunnel, which induces strange visions in Dane, Lucas and Julia, while the hole mirrors their childhood fears.

‘The Hole’ has a few scary moments but on the whole, the film focuses on the relationship between single mother, her sons and their potential girlfriend as they unravel the mystery of the hole. The 3D effect works wonderfully for the film as it not only enhances the eeriness but also adds to the mystery of the hole.

Overall, ‘The Hole’ is a bit drowsy in the name of horror flick.

Ratings: Two stars for this one!